CII – 590 Principles of Takaful Course

This course is about providing an insight into the laws which underpin the operations of insurance; demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the laws which form a background to the operation of insurance; demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the system within which these laws operates and administered; apply knowledge and skills to practical situations.



590 Principles of Takaful Course


This course is to enable the candidate to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of how and why Takaful operates as an Islamic variant of insurance; the technical and operational aspects of Takaful; and the role of Takaful in the global marketplace.


Upon completion of the course, trainees will be expected to:
• Understand the purpose and key concepts of insurance
• Understand key Shariah concepts relevant to financial practice
• Understand how and why Takaful difiers from conventional insurance provision
• Understand how Takaful models operate
• Understand the role of re-takaful
• Apply appropriate financial practices to a Takaful operation
• Discuss the operational and market challenges and opportunities for Takaful


• Nature and principles of Islamic insurance
• Shariah framework of Islamic insurance
• Operational framework of Islamic insurance
• Structure of Islamic insurance markets
• Constraints and opportunities for Islamic insurance
• Way in which ethical considerations of Islamic insurance are applied and practiced.


• 3-hour exam comprising eight compulsory short answer questions, one case study question and three essay questions from a choice of five.
• 55% nominal pass mark Upon completion, trainees will receive a Certificate of Completion from The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII).


This course is suitable for all the employees who are working in Insurance, Banking & other Financial Services.


40 Training Hours


Trainees should have:
• Certificate in Insurance and respective 40 credits
• Good command of the English language – Placement test.

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