Trainee Services

RTC strongly urges Trainees to seek advice prior the enrollment in training course. The advice assists trainee to choose the right course for your career development and to know more about the pass requirements.

Trainees registering in training course at RTC can benefit from online learning resources offered for free by our partnering awarding bodies. The online learning resources provide rich and up to date knowledge besides preparing the trainee for setting and passing the course exam. These are some links for online learning resources:


The RTC quality assurance policies provide stakeholders with the governing rules for all training related issues. The policies assure that trainees receive proper rich learning experience, fair treatment and well-being. Additionally, they assist trainees to know their responsibilities and rights while studying at RTC. It is of importance for trainees and sponsoring organizations review these policies.

As part of RTC counseling and guidance for trainees to select job-related training course, a free of charge assessment is provided for trainee prior registration. The results of the assessment will guide the trainee to choose the most relevant course for his/her career progression.

Interested individuals can fill in the assessment form. Click the link.

RTC has invested in technological system to improve the training services for trainees during their study. As a result, RTC Website offers trainees an Online Service which includes exam booking, payment and confirmation notice.

The Online Payment is another service introduced to reduce the burden on both trainees and RTC staff. Details about the payment transaction and confirmation are sent instantly to trainee’s email address. Now, payment is processed from trainee’s PC or Mobile phones without the need to be present at RTC premise.

RTC new Portal assists trainees to manage their study affairs by themselves. The Portal enables trainees to access their Profile and review and monitor all course related issues such as attendance, memos, exams, notifications, results of exam and assessments. Each trainee will be provided with username and password to access the Portal during their entire study.

Trainees and their sponsors can now access RTC Mobile App. This is considered special and advanced service offered for trainees and their sponsors in Bahrain. Through RTC Mobile App, trainees and sponsors can track every aspect related to the training course and trainee performance round the hour from anywhere.

Majority of trainees studying at RTC are sponsored either by the employer and/or Tamkeen. The sponsors usually solicit feedback about the progress of their trainees’ study. To assist sponsors in this regards, RTC issues username and password whereby sponsors can access RTC Portal and review their trainees’ performance throughout the duration of the training course.

RTC Publications are key sources of information about RT services. The publications issued frequently with the aim of providing guidance and support for trainees during the study course.

The trainees enrolled in a professional training course might need assistance from other training governing organizations. The below links might be useful gates to receive answers for some queries the trainees might have about their training and career progressions.

  1. MOLSD
  2. Tamkeen
  3. BQA