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RTC Overview

Resources Training Center (RTC) is developed to help you progress. RTC is dedicated to making sure that the learner acquires job-related competencies. For organizations, RTC can help in designing and delivering Firm-Specific accredited training based on the results of Professional and Validated Assessment Tests that are applied in more than 120 Counties worldwide.Through the link between HR Assessment and HR training and development, RTC is, then, the ONLY Training Center in Bahrain that can ensure ROI in human asset. RTC strategic partners provide you the state of the art services and expertise to help identifying your HR potentials, deficiencies, and ways to develop and acquire the competencies that enable your HR to be a high performer. RTC is launched with specialized expertise accumulated over 30 years in the areas of Strategic Human Resources Management, linking employment to labour market, organizational development, vocational training and higher education teaching. In RTC, we developed our own “Human Resources Framework” where we can share it with you to help your organization to unleash the potentials of the human resources and turn them to be the sources of value, competitive advantage and sustainability of competitive advantage.


Resources Training Center (RTC) philosophy is about helping you progress


“ To play an influential role in and contribute to individual and organizational growth and sustainable success ”


“To be the leader provider of Strategic HR Training and Development in Bahrain and Gulf Region”